Hair Straightener Brush or Flat Iron: Which Is Better?

In the beginning, there was the flat iron. You no longer had to venture to the salon for pin-straight, shiny hairstyles or, worse, damage your hair using a clothes iron like our parents did in the ‘70s.

The flat iron works fast, and today’s flat irons with ceramic plates and ionic technology don’t damage the hair the way older models did.

Then came the hair straightener brush. This tool brushes and straightens hair all at once, reducing styling time while giving you the look you want.

Both are amazing products for straight-out-of-the-salon looks at home. But which is better?

The fact is, each one has many benefits, so it’s important to consider your needs and the look you want to achieve.


All about the Flat Iron

A flat iron is designed to help you achieve the look you want, whether it’s pin straight hair, a flip, waves, or even curls. If you have thick hair, tight curls, or frizz, the flat iron won’t work until your hair has been blown dry.

If you have exceptionally long or very thick hair, a salon-style blowout can take close to an hour, and then the flat iron will work quickly to give you the style you want. Shorter hair, obviously, takes less time.

But, whatever your hair type or length, a flat iron needs a blowout to achieve that frizz-free, glossy, straight-out-of-the-salon look.

The benefit, however, is that you can achieve this look at home—and it can last for days. Using dry shampoos and doing touch-ups can help you maximize the time you spent achieving that frizz-free shine with your flat iron.

In short: Flat irons are versatile, safe, and have been the industry-standard for years to gain better control of your curly, frizzy, or otherwise unruly hair.

All about the Hair Straightening Brush

The hair straightening brush is the new trend in styling products, and is perfect for those days when you need to rush out the door but would rather not sport the “steel wool” look.

Ladies with curls or even thin and wavy hair, you know what I mean: Your hair is sticking out on all sides in tight curls lined with frizz, or your waves sport flyaway hairs that resemble a halo across your head—only less angelic.

The hair straightening brush can fix that, even when you’re pressed for time. Tame frizz and achieve sleek, smooth locks in minutes with a hair straightening brush. It heats to a safe, yet effective 365 degrees in just one minute, and reduces flyaway hairs and straightens curls.

If you’ve put in the time to style your hair with a blow dryer and flat iron, the hair straightening brush provides touch-ups in minutes, helping you keep that fresh-from-the-salon look for days.  T

he straightening brush also adds volume, so you’ll look like you just had a professional blowout without leaving your home.


Benefits of a Flat Iron

A flat iron is a time-tested tool that helps anyone enjoy straight, glossy, perfect hair at home. The flat iron is great when:


  • You want the look of professional straightening at home
  • You don’t want to pay for costly Brazilian or Japanese straightening techniques
  • You want to maintain that pin-straight look after a keratin treatment
  • You prefer other popular styles, such as curls or flips, with the glossy look a flat iron offers


Benefits of a Hair Straightening Brush

The latest in hair styling technology, a straightening brush has a number of benefits and is well worth the investment. Consider using a straightening brush if:


  • You want to maintain that sleek, straight look between straightening treatments with the flat iron
  • You want to increase volume in minutes
  • You want the look of a professional blowout without visiting the salon
  • Your style often needs quick touch-ups to keep you looking your best


So, What’s Better? Flat Iron or Straightening Brush?

It’s tempting to invest in the latest technology for your hair, which would be the straightening brush. Or maybe you prefer time-tested tools for your locks, which would have you reaching for the flat iron every time.

For many people, keeping both styling tools in their home arsenal ensures they can achieve a professional salon look at any time, for any occasion.

Why not try them both and decide which one you like better?